Thursday, 21 June 2012

Under-Estimate the Girl.

Kate Nash has been our of the music radar for a while now. You might not of even noticed her since 'foundations' took over the british Stereo. I wasn't a particular fan of the 'pop' music she was producing, but i did love her punchy lyrics and almost rapping singing style; but I knew from reading an interview with her, we shared much of the same influences - bikini kill, kathleen hanna and the whole 90's riot grrrl movement; So i take an interest to read any news about her.

Today I read she has a new 'controversial' single out. It's controversial because it PUNK. She screams, she rants, she slams out some guitar chords. I love it, and even more I love the 'new look' she has going on. Long gone is the ginger hair and tea dresses. You hardly reconise her.....

She looks hot. We hear musicians alot saying 'this album is more me' or 'this third album is the music I always wanted to make', 'the first album was what the records company wanted to hear' and I asume the same goes with Kate's new album too. There's no date or title for the 3rd album release yet, but this is the 'controversial' single, that people are talking about - 'under estimate the girl' (I'm addicted)


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