Monday, 25 June 2012

TOWIZ: packing a suitcase !

Holiday fever as finally hit home! Tomorrow I am of to Zante, Greece! Wooo!! so excited! It's me and 3 of my old school friends, its gunna be so amazing and a complete budget holiday, which Im please with cause I am £200 overdrawn and I do not have an overdraft! DANGEROUS!

A colleague at my previous work, used to work as a holiday rep in Zante; which has turned out to be a god send! he's listed me all the clubs/ bars and places to go, where not to go! what do to, and what to see!

So I have been franticly packing over the last hour, wighed my suitcase (under 1kg! result!) and I am now making that awkard pile of stuff I need to take but cant pack because I need it in the morning! I hate that pile dont you! Makes you feel unfinished, and unerves you, like you going ot forget something!

I'll admit, I am quit a good packer. this is my suitcase, and I'll give you my holiday tips! for the perfect light and spacious suitcase:

Rule number 1. Roll not fold!
this is a golden rule, instead of folding your clothes ROLL them up. they take up less space AND amazingly dont crease!

Number 2. Split toiletries with other passengers.
There's no point in you both taking, sun cream, shower gell, shampoo, straightners, etc Make a list of what you going to need and then split it. Im taking, hairspray, curlers, make up remover, hair mouse, aftersun. And my friend is taking, hair dyer, shampoo, shower gel, sun cream.

Number 3. Wear you heavy/ big items.
Jeans are heavy! wear them, wedges/ heels wear them. heavy jewelley? wear it!

Number 4. Have a big hand luggage bag!
The rules, on weight and size of your suitcase are crazy these days. So another top tip of mine is to have a big handbag! this way, you can split the weight of any heavy items in your suitcase by carrying them through hand luggage. And if you suitcase is full you can sneak in those extra items of clothes and jewellery you brought!

Number 5. plan outfits before you pack! take versatile pieces.
Planning is key. Before every holiday I always try on everything I want to take and then elminate, what I don't like or what I cant wear with something else. For example; I have tops that can be worn with shorts and harem trousers, and over dresses. One top = 3 outfits.

And they are my top holiday packing tips!

Lastly I just wanted to add, last friday,, I was around my friends house, discussing/ planning out holiday. Last minute arrangements etc and we ame to the topic of 'what are we going to wear to the airport?' My friend Cassie brillantly said. 'Well, I cant decided weather to Sex and the City it, or just some trackie B's?' Well it was decided SEX AND THE CITY IT IS! we will be the most glamours people at 7 in the morning at birmingham airport. Hhahah it will be imense! I can not wait to see what the others are wearing! Im going for flatforms, high waisted jeans, crop shirt tied up at the front, a big 'fuck off' hat and tons of jewellery.

Photo's will follow, see you in a week!!!


  1. Lucky you! I was in Greece for a study abroad program at my school, it was an amazing experience! You'll totally love it! Nice packing tips, always needed!

  2. hahaha, overdraft roulette! Love it! Definately been there.

    Good tip about sharing the packing with friends to only take one pair of straighteners-makes perfect sense!


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