Thursday, 31 January 2013


One of my aim's this year was to make my blog more personal. I want to open up to you guys a little more, have you get to know me and what I am all about. 
So.... all because of this, (and i have seen it on some of favourite blogs) I've decided to do a 'GETTING TO KNOW ME' post starting with some facts..........................

1.My real first name is Hannah Elizabeth. It was my grandmother's name that I sadly never got to meet but she was the bravest women I know; and I am so honored to carry her name.

2. Im completely obsessed with all things crime, constantly watching horror films, reading crime books and researching serial killers.

3.Im sat watching 'the big reunion' on itv2 and soooooo fucking excited! I wish I could go see them all!

4.'im very black and white' something my mom always tells me off for being, but to be honest thats just how i work and how I manage to cope with things. there is no in between, no grey areas, im 110% commited to one thing or the other and its just how I make decisions

5.I will be a crazy cat lady

6.I'M IN LOVE. And I have been for over 8 and a half years. I meet my boyfriend when I was just 14! (i turned 15 days later, so its not that creepy!) hahahah crazy I know! We have been together ever since.

me and the boy

7. Right now I am working as Boutqiue manger for a small independent shop called Torr. One day I will be Head Buyer for a leading high-street shop like River Island, Topshop, Asos etc - IT WILL HAPPEN.

8.My favourite bands are Hole, Nirvana, The Doors and Bikini Kill

9.Though a grunge queen, I can not get enough of 90's garage.

10. I Collect sunglasses, and I am a sucker for fake ray bans on market stalls!

Me and my lil sister both wearing 5 euro Ray Bans

11.Absolutely completely addicted to tea. I have at least 7 cups a day.

12. I've been dying to be blonde since I was 6 years old. Im currently on my 3425934 attempt to get blonde locks

13. I have absolutely no idea what I am doing when it comes to make up. All guess work, only be wearing foundation for about 2 years.

14.I am completely Henry VIII geek and anything else thats British Royalty based. Go on ask me anything! 

me and my friend in london for the jubilee

15. I left school at 16 to study art for 2 years at college.

16.  I've met my idols. from 14-17 I was absolutely obsessed with Good Charlotte meet them all twice. And my absolute god - Courtney Love. It was the book signing for Dirty Blonde in London, and I saw her again a couple years later on my birthday at Brixton Academy.

17.  My first real love it writing - main reason I started blogging, one day I hope to have a few books published too.

18. I am an Army W.A.G

19. Tom Hardy and Johnathon Rhys Myers <3 p="">

20. I love a good fancy dress party!

Me and my best girl at a 'Lady Gaga' Party

Hope you've enjoyed reading!

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