Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Country life

So! the sun has finally arrived in old Britannia. To the rest of the world you maybe bored of reading this amoung the British blogs, but it has been raining non stop for 3 months so we are allowed to glote in this summer extravagansier!

After, music, fashion, art, literature, history, and CSI my next love is cars. Old classic cars especially, and even more I love mini's (I own one too! - orginal ones!) I share this love with my boyfriend too, he's recently spent XXXX's on his mazada mx5 and this weekend was the first weekend we could get the roof down. So as easy as that the decision was made and we spent the whole of Sunday driving around the country getting lost and staring at horses.

Though I live in a town the countryside is seconds away, Berkshire is a Royal country and is full of history and old villages. As you can see from the photo's it was such a beautiful day, I love looking out for the old houses, and ktisch pub names and obsure village names. I cant remember them all and the boyfriend was driving far to quickly for me to take photo's. Here's the rest of the photo's I took:

After driving for a while we stopped in the beautiful Malbrough for a cheeky pint. Malbrough can trace its history back to 12 century! It is famous because it has the widest high street in the whole of England.

 Back on the road again we drove into the absolutely beautiful Georigan Streatly.When I've won the euromillions this friday I will buy myself a house here.

then my phone/camera died! Hope everyone else had a glorious weekend!

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