Tuesday, 31 July 2012


The previous recession saw increases in lipstick sales sore. This recession it has been the turn of the nail varnish. I admit myslef have been diving into purchases for both when the feeling is low. Yesterday I had the exact feeling so I took it apon myself ANOTHER Kate Moss for rimmel lipstick.

You may know from previous posts that I am obbessed with these, I've also turned my best friend on to them too! I already have 3 (neutral, pink, orange) but I've had my eye on the purple one (excuse pun) since the collection launched. So i finally decided to buy Miss Kate Moss purple. And these re the results:

and istogram :

I love it, I feel like an 80's love child with these purple lips. I also managed to get a outfit photo yesterday. You can always tell when I can't be bothered to dress, because I wear the simple t-shirt and jeans. Not as hot as steve McQueen but it's a good basis for any outfit.

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  1. Hi Hanna, saw your post on IFB and I left a comment to say I'd pop over! You have a great blog and I'm interested to see more - I love the fact that you're in Reading (it's where I grew up :)) And I didn't know that about the recession and lipstick/nail polish sales... it's certainly true in my case!!

    I'm now following you, it'd be lovely if came over to my blog to come and say hi!!

    Catherine x


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