Thursday, 19 July 2012


50% of my wages go on clothes, the other 50% is magazines. I religiously buy Company, Elle and Vogue every month without fail. Occasionally I'll buy Look, more magazine and Instyle depending who's on the cover. But they get expensive when you buy to many, so I try to stick no more than 6 a month. Plus there is then the prospect of finding time to read them all, as well as catch up on blogs, reading books, tv, films and fitting a social life between all of that.

I thought I'll do a feature to show whats in the magazines this month, if it goes well I'll continue with it very month. Save you buying magazines you can just have a peek through them here :)

Both Elle and Vogue this month Come with 'runway edits'. These are great supplements magazines showing all the highlights of the latest fashion shows so you dont have to spend hours on to find out whats going on. But also it is a great insider to see what you be seeing in the shops over the next A/W.

I'll start with Company Magazine. This is by far my favourite magazine. I love the layout, and collage design. But most of all it has great content, they have a great pick of whats in the shops and are always introducing new brands. I also love how personal they are, the pages are filled with tweets, texts, comments, views from its readers. They also do features each month that you can apply for, and the use real women for models. Lastly I love the job/career features. each month they interview women that work within an industry, how they got there, whats the job like and their own aspirations. I always find these particularly inspiring.

ELLE UK: Elle is one of the UK's biggest fashion monthly magazines. This month's cover star is Mila Kunis and there is an amazing 60's inspired shoot that she looks amazing in. I also love that Elle does cultural reviews - music, art, and film which I always find most interesting.

The Elle runway edit magazine has some great looks from the runways and always includes good beauty pages. I like that this month it also includes hair and tips on how to get your hair runway ready!

Vogue UK. Vogue this month has had a revamp, new styling and graphics flood the pages and I really like it. Actress of the moment Emma Stone is this months Cover star, and there is also an interview with my all time favourite actor Gary Oldman (he's in the new batman). There is loads of photoshoots and a great one featuring groomed dogs too :) I do prefer Vogue's runway edit mag to Elle just because the way it is designed you do see more of the clothes in detail, whereas in Elle you see a selection of each show, which is great to see what each designer is throwing out this year but sometimes the images are too small.


  1. ahh im just the same, i should really cut down! xx

  2. HAHHA! I am totally the same, I spend soo much on magazines its insane! Plus my bedroom is a totak magazine graveyard... eeek!

    I love Grazia and have to have it every week, plus I love InStyle and Vogue. I don't like Elle, so I'll only buy it if there's a good gift. But I will read pretty much anything really :)


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