Tuesday, 24 July 2012

... and it burns

This was just going to be a quick post to show off this amazing bag I brought yesterday from TK Maxx for £19.99. But I have this thing that whenever it is coming up to payday and I have money left over in the bank I graze every shop in town, every website I can think off and spend what is left.

Why?! I don't need things, but oh my god they are beautiful! So yesterday with this habit in mind I stepped into TK Maxx and found this beauty :

At first I wasn't sure, honestly I thought 'oh fuck it' and brought it. Im so glad I did because everytime I look at it I fall in love some more.

The pleasure went on though. When I got home there was a HUGE delivery from ASOS :D big smiles!
I have becoming obsessed with shoes as of late and I just couldn't help myself


I couldn't decide on a colour so brought grey and black, which will both be worn to death! (im wearing the grey today)

So if that wasn't enough, today AGAIN i walked into TK Maxx!! I didnt have time yesterday morning before work to have a proper look around, and I like their 'mod box' collection which I wanted to look at. I didn't find anything! Well anything in the 'mod box' selection so I ran over to the shoes dept instead :) now I have huge size 8 feet so TK Maxx 99% off the time lack in the shoe dept for me but I always have a glance just in case; and today it paid off!! I found these amazing Rocket dog tropicania heels for just £12!!!

 I cant wait to wear them!! tomorrow maybe?! who knows!

do you have any bad money/shopping habits?

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  1. What a gorgeous bag! I love it!
    Love your blog too dear.. I am hosting a giveaway for a beautiful bracelet on my blog, check it out.. I'd love for you to enter :)
    Georgia xx


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