Tuesday, 24 July 2012

It kills me to Curl

My hair is naturally straight as an arrow, straight as ruler and straight as david beckham. But of course I want curls. My hair hates curls with a passion, Last night I curled my hair for 2 hours!! which I had to re-do this morning, another hour. A ton of hairspray later and a walk to work my hard working curls had dropped.

I have tried everything but my hair just hates it. It makes me so angry you have no idea, SO PLEASE ANY TIPS FOR CURLING CRAZT STRAIGHT HAIR PLEASE GET IN TOUCH!!

PS. This is what I wore today


  1. Cute outfit, I love the tee! Sorry I don't have any tips for curling the hair as mine does it quite naturally. Perhaps try some salt spray maybe?


  2. i've experimented with various salt spray's. each time I ran out I buy a different brand trying to find the perfect one! I did have a Toni and guy one but they've changed it! GGGRRRR! keep trying though!

  3. Hi Again Hanna

    My friend has a housemate from the Southern USA, where big curly hair is a must! Now, she said to always use GEL before you curl your hair (I know it sounds ridiculous). But she was insistent. She said curling your hair without gel was like building a house without any foundations! Worth a try?

    Sarah xx

  4. gel??! wow i'll give a go! definately going to buy some today!

  5. very cute top.


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