Tuesday, 28 August 2012

FILM-SPIRATION: Factory girl

When stuck on what to wear, and I'm getting ready to go out. A meal with the boyfriend, drinks with friends etc, I don't race through pages of magazines, swat pages and pages on tumblr blogs, or ring my friends to ask what they are wearing - I watch a film.

Watching a film is so much better for inspiration than a magazine, If you like one particular characters style you get to see them dressed in so many ways, in different outfits, different times of the day, different occasions etc - a million more times than a magazine!

one of my favourite style inspiration films is - Factory Girl.

Factory Girl is a biopic film about model, artist, muse,actress, orginal IT GIRL Edie Sedgewick.

Edie was an art student that was swept away with the swing of the 60's, she became good friends with Andy Warhol and spent most of her days in his factory, in New York. Being seen with Andy Warhol and her orginal style, she was soon wanted by everyone and was photographed for many magazines, People wanted to know more about 'this poor little rich girl'.

Her style is big black eyes and eyebrows. Bleached hair, sometimes sprayed silver. Leotards and tights, and huge earings. Most photo's of her too, include accessories  -  a ciggerette and a wine glass.

These are photo's taken from the film staring Sienna Miller.

And the real Edie........................


Do you have any films to inspire your style?
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