Friday, 10 August 2012

Love in 90's

it has taken me  few days to write this but monday night, another dream came true when my best girl and I went to Wolverhampton and saw BLUR!

Yes Blur london brit pop band that are celebrating their 21 years of being together.

It was amazing!! it took 2 and half hours to get there after work and we didnt get back till 2in the morning, but god we had so much fun!! We've both been completely in love with Damon since we were children and he has still manged to keep his looks. (i think so anyway!)

The show was part of a small intimate warm up tour for there big hyde park show, (which another one my friends is going too) that completely sold out. They sang all the old tunes, song 2, parklife, coffee and tea and a snip of some new material!

All my photo's came out blurry - get it! because there were so many lights, but I got this video which gives a good idea of the atmosphere, annoyingly I stopped filming for some reason just before they get into the corus! haha sorry I have no idea why i did this! you'll just have to sing the lyrics yourself!

Because we went straight from work, we thought we were gunna miss loads, beause doors opened at 7 and we didnt get there till half 8. but we were actually perfect timing. luckily there was some support band on first, so as we go there brought a beer and t-shirt. Made ourselves home in the audience it was 10 mins and they cam on!!  check out this picture of Damon's shadow i got on the wall.

there was no phil daniels appearance, which would have been amazing since he is another idol of mine and best mates. We would of probably both fainted after screaming our lungs out of our chests.
Me and my best girl dancing the the crowd- 

because the rest of the photos are rubbish, here are just some from goggle to perv at....

hmmm dreamy. Me and my friend now lining up loads more shows to see, we've got, Jake Bugg, Marian and the Diamonds, and Paloma Faith. Im also stalking No Doubt at the moment because they have a new album and single out over the next few motnhs, so I am just waiting for them to release news of a tour, which I am sure they will.

My new Bur t-shirt....

Have you been to any good shows recently? what dream/ idols bands have you seen?
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