Wednesday, 29 August 2012

So i want YOUR views on it stands

I just wanted to write a post to say whats going on. I've decided to give myself a kick up the arse and work hard on this blog. I want it to go somewhere and be something,  I'm planning loads of future posts that I can't wait to do. Also I have a few more ideas for some more fashion challenges. If you haven't seen it before I have done 2 previous challenges, 1 to not wear black for 30 days; and the other was to wear something leopard print everyday for 30 days! They are so much! you can see a summary of them here. Some more personal pieces OOTD's, hauls, personal life etc, aswell as fashion news, inspirations and everything else that interests me. What kind of things do you prefer to read?

also on my mind are VLOGS? i've been watching loads recently and it's getting me inspired to do my own! what do you think of vlogs? would you watch me talk for 10 mins? I might have to take some etiquette lessons before I start! haha!

As well is facebook? is it worth creating a facebook page for your blog? Obviously I have a personal account, and I've noticed that a lot of people create FB pages for their blogs, but is it worth it?

I've been trying to discover myself again lately. I was tied up in a office job for 4 years that has had an effect on me, and I hate it. Dressing everyday in 'officewear' when smart wear isn't your style is hard (well i found so) and to and extent I have lost my personal style. Though, since i started my new job 2 months, I get to wear what ever I want (to an extent!) which is helping me find my roots again. I was also a passionate writer and artist. All things I have slowly drifted from since full time work. Im setting myself goals to draw and write everyday, i miss the creative passion and I don't want to lose it forever. Maybe this is something I'll post about daily too. maybe not here, but via twitter or istagram taking photo's of my work. Have you ever lost yourself? how did you find it again? strangely I have found inspiration right in my bedroom. just looking at things through a camera lense gives them a new light.

morning routine
  cute cats!
 brainstorming for blog

 my room - due a clear out

 magazine stack
to many shoes? future fashion challenge ideas
  more under my bed!
  corner of my room, films and cd's
stack of earings!

So I have just spent the last 2 hours re-designing my blog! Please tell me what you think! I know it doesn't quite fit in on the screen - Im not sure why this is! And I Know my title is HUGE but i can't work out how to make it smaller and keep the alignment in the middle. plus i've got a bit bored of resizing/altering things for the last hour. ANY SUGGESTIONS PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Also I want to make a blog button for my page. i have the button but im not sure how to put it on my page for you guys to copy (if you want too) and put it on your page. - Help please!

And lastly, I have neglected my MUSIC BLOG recently, that I want to revive. Check it out now I have revamped the layout/look, and new posts will be made soon!!

SO BASICALLY IN SUMMARY - IM REACHING OUT TO YOU READERS! any contributions/ ideas/ feedback/ questions etc I love reading comments from you guys and would to receive some on any of the above mentions!

lotta love!

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  1. Hi Hanna, was great to meet you and I know precisely where you're coming from when you talk about 'losing yourself'. I spent 17 years working for IT companies and developing my sales career which was fantastic financially but sometimes felt a bit at odds with my creative heart. The crunch for me came when my daughter started school and I realised that she needed me around more than I needed to be recognised as a great sales person. My choice was to go freelance as it meant I could still make a living but based around what I wanted to do for my family. I feel that I have recaptured a lot of my 'old' self in that I now have the time and freedom to write and paint that I never did before but on reflection I don't think it was ever 'lost', it was just waiting in the background for me to polish it up to a shine :) I suppose what I'm saying is that your talent never goes away, sometimes it just takes a back seat whether by accident or out of financial necessity. It's exciting to see that you are going for it, am looking forward to watching your journey! Toni x


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