Wednesday, 1 August 2012

If it's good enough for you....

Since was 6 years old and on holiday with my blonde hair cousin I've dreamt of being blonde. We were playing with hair mascara (remember those!) and i vividly remember being sick with jelously because it showed up in her hair but not my own.

I've attempted blonde over the years. But failed mesribly my hair being so dark it goes a tangerine orange before it reaches any shimmer of blonde. 'why dont you try going the hairdressers?' I here you cry! well i have on many occasions and everywhere refuses to do it because my hair is just so dark.

My new plan was to grow out my hair and then join the dip dye trend and gradually, professionally go blonde. But this morning while walking to work i've thought fuck it! lets just attempt it again! I've got a bottle of bleach at home that is dying to be used so what damage is more attempt gunna do!

My hair is thick as thieves too so im gunna need more bleach, and I might buy some ordinary blonde die too, to get a responsible colour if all goes horribly wrong.

- ANOTHER issue with going blonde is I have olive skin. What blonde colour suits olive skin?

these are my hair inspriation shots. IF YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE PLEASE HAND IT OVER! :D


  1. Why not try this. to take out any colour and then maybe this product. I know a lot of people use it when they ombre their hair Or ask Caz. She is the queen of dying hair! :-) xx

  2. Rita Ora's hair is amazing. I'm sure if you've got a good hairdresser, they should be able to recommend blonde shades to compliment your skin tone. xx

  3. thanks Leanne, I have used the B4 Colour stuff before. I will definitely check out the blonde highlight kit!

  4. Do it do it! Blonde on olive skin is so amazing. :)

    Enter to WIN a three-part DETOX PACKAGE!

  5. i know the problem, i would love to try blond but my hair is pretty dark and no hair dresser wants take the risk.. also my hair is pretty sesitive which doesn't really make it better. anyway, one day i will try it!
    and i think blond looks good with almost every skin tone, you just have to get the right nuance!
    good luck, i'm sure you'll look amazing! xx

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  7. *sorry, made a confusing typo on the first version of the comment!

    Hi there

    Exactly what hairdressers are refusing to dye your hair because its 'too dark'? My natural hair colour is the same as yours (really dark brown/almost black) and I have been blonde twice (I'm currently a caramel coloured mid-tone). Never had a hairdresser tell me it couldn't happen!

    The thing is to do it in stages. You can't go from dark brown to blonde in a day- the amount of peroxide needed would ruin your hair, but if you do it gradually its entirely possible. In fact, mine went too light so I've put some brown back in.

    I wish I could post you some photos to show, because I have olive skin and dark hair like you, and I think my blonde looks good!

    I started off by having a full head of highlights a couple of times, then just kept topping them up. After a few times, the brown gets less and less, and you end up blonde.

    And- I've done it twice. I went very light, and then dyed my hair back to dark brown for my wedding last year (my husband prefers it like that) and then since then Ive gradually gone blonder again.

    I wish I could send you some pictures to show its very possible and it can look really good! (in fact, I might do a posting on my blog to show you?!)

    I always take pics of Jennifer Lopez and Jessica Alba into the hairdresser. They're fantastic examples of blonde working with olive skin.

    You need a caramel/ 'dirty' blonde though, I think platinum blonde looks a bit wrong.

    It's also important to remember you will need to condition the shiz-nit out of your hair after all the dye - weekly deep conditioner/hair mask and always use a heat protection spray before you even look at curling irons or a blow-dryer!

    Hope that helps- there's so much I could say to you about this! :)

  8. Done it! Spontaneously written a whole post about going blonde when you're brunette! Read it here:

    Hope that helps! xx


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