Sunday, 5 August 2012

HOW TO WEAR - Pink leopard print dress - 15 DIFFERENT OUTFITS!

STYLING REQUEST: a couple of days ago i was asked how I would style a leopard print from River Island that i had brought and posted about HERE. So here it is! I may have gone a bit overboard with the amount of outfits but I wanted to get my point across. However in these photo's please note:

1. Do not take any notice of my hair, it badly needs a wash/ styling but i just couldn't bothered. These styling post is simply about the clothes, and not hair and make up to match.

2. which brings me to point 2, ignore my face also :)

HOW TO STYLE: Pink Leopard print from River Island

Rule number 1 with style i believe comes with colour. When I was little my mom always told me you should never wear more than 3 colours. This is a great rule to stick to, but note it isn't always the law. sometimes you can wear more if your clever about it.

So what colours can you wear with this dress? 1, this dress is great because it already has so many colours in it you can just pick one colour to accessorise with. 2. this dress is bad because this so colourful you cant really add anymore colours to it.

So colour wise you can wear - pink, blue, purple, cream, nude and the classics black, white and grey. (black, white and grey go with everything). Once you have chosen this the world is your oyster! See the 15 outfits I have created.


  1. That's an impressive amount of different ways to style the dress! I normally end up wearing things the same way over and over, so I might try a little challenge post like this at some point.


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