Friday, 3 August 2012

Got a problem?

there such thing as a shopping rehab?  if so i think i might need to go.
what was going to start as a post for 2 new items on wednesday, I have now up-ed it to 14!! And thats not even it! I also squeezed in some internet buys that haven't arrived yet! 

I've felt really inspired this week, and instead of lashing out my creativity on a canvas, which I used to do, I now splash it all over my wallet and wardrobe. DUMB is the word you are looking for!

I will probably be taking some of these back, as I cant really afford it all and Im sure my boyfriend would quite like a birthday present this month instead of seeing me in a new pair of shoes.

But regardless I'll talk you through what I have brought! Today I went for a detour in the new shopping centre on the way to and FROM work (seriously what is wrong with me!) This morning In New Look i brought these bright red espadrille's; I didn't want a pair at all but then saw a girl yesterday wearing a red pair like this and i was like 'I want those!' so had to have them. Also from New Look were these absolutely amazing blue wedges!!!! Aren't they just amazing! I wanted them in black months ago, but being good I was waiting till payday arrived, it did finally and they rang out of my size! even online too (i checked) so I took it as a sign, that it just wasn't meant to be. And I sign it was because they now come in this amazing electric blue!

Everywhere is having a HUGE HUGE sale right now, and I also brought from New Look in the sale this lime green vest for just £2 and oversized crop lace jumper for £6. the jumper is actually size 16, but I always try different sizes on when buying because sometimes over sizes just look better. This jumper is now a great slouchy oversized look. Also I could help myself and brought this camoflage tank top for £9.99.

TOPSHOP. my 'walking home' spree, I found these shorts for just £10 in the sale, but Im not convinced on the colour now they are home and will probably take them back.I also picked some cool jewellery in the sale for 1/2 price. Lastly in top shop I brought 2 crop vest in olive green and petrol grey. Something else i've had my eye on for a while and they were on other 2 for £10. BARGIN.

ring and necklace from topshop, I just love the colours in the necklace.

Oh yeah i brought some more nail varnish too!! haahha! it was 2 for £5! I didn't buy these to wear together but I think they will look good!

my other new look buys: 

So this is what the post was orginally gunna be - My 2 buys from late night shopping wednesday night. Me and my friend do this every couple of months, She lives in the next town to me and they shopping centre is open till 8pm. It's so much fun we go shopping and then finish with a meal and cocktails next to the river thames.

We were in ZARA, a shop I've never brought from and never really liked. Another thing I have always hated is Asymetric, don't know why, but i've just never liked it, never seen someone wearing and thought they looked nice, it's just something I avoid. That was until I was in Zara and fell for this blood red asymetric top with studded shoulder detail. 

I think it was the way it was styled which made me like it so much, they had it underneath a denimn jacket and olive jeans. I have no idea what I'm gunna wear it with but Im excited to try this new world of asymetric! I also got these leopard print brouges from Republic.

Watch out for outfit posts soon, and how to style the peices differently. I actually had my first outfit post request this week which i'm really excited to do!!! I will prob do it sunday as it's been too grey and dark in the mornings and evenings to take photo's.
If you have any requested please just comment and let me know!! I love them so would be great to have some more! 

Now im off to meet some mates down the pub! wearing my new red espadrille's!

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