Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Bargin Make up/ Jewellery Haul

I'd run out of liquid eyeliner, so one lunch time I sneaked in to Superdrug to buy some more. As always though I got discrated by all the pretty colours and new products in the make-up isle. I had been using Rimmel's liguid eyeliner, but I always like to test new products and discover something new. 
Something I also wanted to get was bronzer. It is something I have never had in my make up box before (yep shock horror!) but my friends all use it and it's always in  the magazines. Plus my boyfriend always moans at me that my foundation makes me look pale, So i'd thought I'll give it a try.

I am a Rimmel fiend, 90% of my make up is Rimmel, and they had offers on some of the make up, one of them being bronzer, I can't remember exactly what it was but I think it was £2 off which made it about a fiver - expensive I thought, but I wanted some so was happy to buy it. I also picked up some primer because I was about to run out of my NO 7 primer, and Rimmel's was in a bigger tube and also on offer about £2 off So i grabbed some.

As I walking around looking for some liquid eyeliner, I came accross a new brand of make up (well i hadn't herd of it before) called MUA. staring right in front of me was this bronzer for just £1!! so i chucked the Rimmel bronzer down and picked up MUA's (as pictured). 

I'm really liking it, and on first use my boyfriend definately noticed a different and said I looked very pretty that day - the only thing different from my normal make up was the bronzer! So the sum is bronzer = pretty! Sorted. 

Looking at other pieces of this new brand I found some eyeliner for just £1.99, not only was it a bargin but the nip is shaped to create different looks. On the back of the packaging is instructions on how to create different looks. Personally I LOVE it when make up comes with instructions, because I honestly don't really know what I'm doing with make up.

At such a good price I decided to get a black and brown set. However when getting home I then realised that what I'd brought was pencil eyeliner and not liquid :( very annoying because it means I have to go back out and buy some, but Im still pretty happy with the new PENCIL eyeliners i've got. And I love the fact it's shaped instead of a normal pencil, def makes it a lot easier to apply.

Not sure why, but I have grown a new obsession with beetle/reptile/bug/spiders jewellery. I found these snake earings and beatle necklace in New Look. the Necklace was just £1!

I've found a new way to curl my hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have no idea ho happy this makes me, my hair does not hold curls at all!! NO WAY. But this new way holds for day!! happy happy HAPPPYY!!! I found the secret on youtube which I will be posting a link to in my next post!

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  1. Oooh, that pencil liner looks good- I like the way its slanted. Pop Beauty do a liner called 'Cat's Eyes' that I've always wanted to try but its a bit too expensive just to risk it, so that might be better instead. Also, I love the Rimmel Pro Primer, it is absolutely the best! xx


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