Monday, 3 September 2012


american appeal all in one £26, asos embleished tights £42, heart necklace £14, river island glitter jacket £60 slouch top £22, boy london top £55, new look hobo bag £19.99, wedge trainers £30, asos green flatform £35.

Well what a wishlist list! There are a few things I am need of, I need a new handbag (only have 2 one huge, one tiny - i need an inbetween one!) also i really want some slouchy tops/ jumpers that are easy to wear and will go with anything, for those days when I can't be bothered.

Searching ASOS i came accross these other goodies, the River Island gold glitter jacket is just out of this world, I can see myself wearing this to death. everyone needs a boy london top in their wardrobe and I really like this all in one american appeal jumpsuit, I would buy a bigger size and wear it baggy, roll up the trousers. These tights are just to die for!! though I go through tights like there is no tomorrow, so i don't think £42 would be worth my money but i want them so bad!!

i've been searching for a pair of the wedge trainers everywhere, yes they are everywhere but i haven't found  a pair i like. Until that was I found these today on! and just £30!!! but they only have size 3 left in stock!! who's a size 3?!! I'll be checking back  to see if they have stocked up. And lastly i just love these flatform shoes from asos, think they would go with everything.

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