Wednesday, 5 September 2012

There's a river in my island

Well this morning was fun getting ready. I got dressed fine no issues, took a couple of pictures for my blog and was ready to go about my day. I began making my lunch, when I got into a heated fight with the feta cheese and chucked the 'brine' liquid that preserves the cheese all done myself. With minutes to go before i had to leave for work i wasn't best pleased and had to quickly change and chuck my clothes in the wash. (I was looking forward to wearing my Sid and Nancy t-shirt today)

this isn't abnormal infact daily i am causing issues with my clumsy butterfingered hands and forcing myself to get changed again. I've decided because it is a daily occurance and this blog is all about my life and fashion i should combine the 2. So from now on I will be documenting all my clumsiness for your amusement! hahah!!

looking forward to it?! Me too! will be a laugh for sure! Anyways as I said I did have to get changed so this now what I am wearing:

waist shot - 
including red lipstick- 
 silver nails and a large latte to go!


  1. I love your jeans and your creepers are so amazing! Grey creepers look really flattering, I may prefer them even more to black creepers! Your sense of style is just impeccable, you always look so effortlessly photogenic, beautiful and stylish in all of your photos. Do you model? I would seriously recommend you have a g at modelling! I guarantee you'd be really successful! Also, so glad to hear you're a feminist! (saw from your QUEENS GRRRL ZINE. I'm a fellow feminist too! I love your blog and I am now definitely following, it would make my day if you could follow me back too! x

  2. Those creepers are really cool:) They do look great on you!
    I also have something for you dear girl!
    Check it out :)


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