Wednesday, 5 September 2012

There's a river in my island

Well this morning was fun getting ready. I got dressed fine no issues, took a couple of pictures for my blog and was ready to go about my day. I began making my lunch, when I got into a heated fight with the feta cheese and chucked the 'brine' liquid that preserves the cheese all done myself. With minutes to go before i had to leave for work i wasn't best pleased and had to quickly change and chuck my clothes in the wash. (I was looking forward to wearing my Sid and Nancy t-shirt today)

this isn't abnormal infact daily i am causing issues with my clumsy butterfingered hands and forcing myself to get changed again. I've decided because it is a daily occurance and this blog is all about my life and fashion i should combine the 2. So from now on I will be documenting all my clumsiness for your amusement! hahah!!

looking forward to it?! Me too! will be a laugh for sure! Anyways as I said I did have to get changed so this now what I am wearing:

waist shot - 
including red lipstick- 
 silver nails and a large latte to go!

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