Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Every little girls dream

Ok, it's not Prince Charming, but it's the next best thing. My brother moved out 2 weeks ago, some people might be happy that there brat sibling has moved out but I wasn't. Not only I was I emerald green with envy but I do love my brother, we are really close and I miss him loads!

However saying this, there was a good very exciting thing to come out of his leave - his bedroom. We don't need a spare room in my house, (it's just me and my mom now) and my Ma let me have his room to with as I want. So, what have I done? well turned it into a dressing room!!!!

these are the before pictures - smelly teenage boy's previous room it needed a good clean!

my brother failed to get rid of his bed before he left, so it's now left to me and my mom to bin somehow! And taa-daaa! this is it now!!!!: Not quiet finished, will probably paint it soon, but still, I am loving having a separate room for all my things!

a shelve for my everyday tolietries and bracelets. Also no shelf is complete without Will and Kate Barbie dolls!

designated area for my magazines and dvd's. the pink drawers are filled with all my rings and earings

Make up station:

Necklaces now live on the back of the door, on a coat hanger. Jim Morrison tote bag is filled with belts.

SHOES! not all of my shoes, but ones that are too tall to live in my wardrobe.

do you have a dressing room? Or is it just me? the lucky one? Shame is though, i'll prob get used to this then end up moving out into a basement bedsit flat and have no space at all!! :'( Neither to say I am now milking my new situation (while it lasts)

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  1. SERIOUS dressing room envy right now, you lucky thing! I would love to turn my spare room into a dressing room but my husband has other ideas...lol


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