Wednesday, 12 September 2012

OOTD- Ambiton

Today's outfit is planned to last all day and to suit 3 occasions/ going ons today. 1 is work 2 is for a meeting with designers and 3 is cinema date. 

Wearing black roll neck jumper, black pencil skirt, leopard print bomber jacket, black creepers and my new snake earrings.

My camera was dead so had to take photo's using a self timer app on my phone. I dont know why but this app takes all the quality from the photo and is why they look so shit. But you get the point anyway. Testing my camera for light I took these 'blooper' photo's the sun was shining in my eyes which is why my arm is over my head. Im not playing damsel in distress! but i thought they were funny to share.

If you read my previous post I mentioned that I had found a new way to curl my hair! Happy days! It was all due to this video on you tube by Melon Lady. She's hilarious a can watch her all day, such a pro! Anyways this the video:

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