Monday, 14 January 2013


Just like everyone else in the world I have fallen head over Cuban heeled in love with Jeffery Cambell Shoes, and the ones that have particularly taken my heart are the coltrane cutout boots. And also the similar styled Roscoe boots.

I saw them on another blog, and fell in love. At first I couldn't justify the £140 price tag, but after thinking about it I knew I'd get my wear out of them, they would be completely worth it, last close to forever and will go with absolutely everything in my wardrobe.

I'd also wanted a pair for black flat boots for ages too. Something sensible, can wear to work and walk to work in, and would go with trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses. - Can you tell how much i thought and convinced myself these were worth while buying!! hahaa!

Like 99% of JC shoes, they are close to impossible to buy in the UK. Office do sell them but always sell out really quick. So I was spending litarly hours trying find these shoes in my size (size 8 feet, if the task wasn't differcult enough!) in the UK, so i could avoid any tax/customs fees if brought from the US. Also, as of yet, these seem to be the only Jeffery's that haven't been copied by cheap branded shops. If i wanted fake lita's they would be easy!

Finally a pair turned up on ebay! My size pretty and much brand new! But i got scared, and spent 2 days trying to justify the £130 price tag again. But finally I did -again, when to place my bid, and the shoes and gone!!! Someone possessed as much as I am managed to get in before me and became the happy owner of JC's.

Im not going to lie the next couple of days I did spend slightly mourning the loss of these amazing shoes.

However!!! The lord of mighy upstairs was listening to my prayers, and when checking out the 'New In' page on the Topshop website I found these amazing copy cats!!!!

Not cheap, they were £95, but considering was now happy to pay the £140 for the real things, £95 seamed like bargain to me. And can I just say, I have never been happier with a pair of shoes!! I've worn pretty much every day since buying them, they are so comfy easy to style and are just plain beautiful!

Happy Happy Hanna! hahah!

Do check out Topshop's website, they have lots 'cut out' style boots in various styles. I did do a 'shoe unboxing' vlog for these but it was an epic fail! hahah! maybe next time!

Have you found any bargins this January?

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