Tuesday, 22 January 2013

January Sale Haul!

Believe me or not, put it has taken me weeks to do this post! I originally filmed it, thought it would be more interesting to talk you through piece by piece, outfit ideas/inspiration etc, but it just didn't work. Then trying to find the time of day, with perfect lighting, was another impossible task! But anyways! From what was going to be huge sale haul post, is now just a small one :)

So I brought these 10 items, shortly after Christmas using money and vouchers I received as gifts. Not all of them are sale pieces, but I just had to share with you anyways, cause they were good prices (So i think).

New Look Buys: Hippy afgan coat was £65 Now £35, Black pleather jacker Was £35 Now £15, Aztec Midi Dress £14.99

I was shopping with my brother, when I picked up these coats. He instantly slagged off the aztec coat coat, shouting 'thats something a fucking hippie would wear!' and what's wrong with hippie's?! Anyway I proved him wrong soon enough, when I wore it a couple days later and he complimented me on it! T love thi pleather baseball jacket, reminds me of cry baby and other  50's girl gangs it has contrasting wool body which I love too. I brought a top too, but took it back and instead picked up this aztec midi dress, at just £14.99 it will be an easy dress to just throw on.

TOPSHOP Buys: Floral Dress £29.99, Red t-shirt Was £15 Now £8, Smiley Tee £25

I'm in love with this dress!! I spotted it a while ago on the Topshop website, but it sold out really quickly. Then a week after Chrsitmas it was back in stock! And for £29.99 I think it's a bit of a bargin for topshop. I find this now and then with Topshop, normally they are over priced, but now and then They have something thats really reasonable. This Red top is just something to chuck over leggings, It has slits up either side too, which give it a bit of an edge, when you can see the leggings poking through, especially if they are patterned. This Smiley face T-shirt is by Tea & Cake. I find their t-shirts are over priced £25 for a simple top, but they are always so cool, that im happy to pay the price!

TK-MAX buys: Tartan Crop shirt Was £20 Now £4, Camp Hoddie £15. River Island Buy: Neon Orange mohair cardigan Was £30ish Now £17. Office buy: Leopard print flatform high tops Was £35 Now £5!!!

When shopping for my brother's birthday, present I found this crop shirt for just £4 in the clearance at TK-MAXX, I also picked up this camo hoodie, cause I thought it would look cool, under leather jackets and stuff. The River Island cardigan is amazing! it's sooo bright! You might have seen it already in my outfit post here. Lastly I saw Helen Melon post a photo on her instagram these amazing platform trainers, and they were just £5!!! I had to have them!! Can't wait to wear them, but it's been snowing ever since. Im definitely going to keep an eye on Office's sale now after picking these up. Can't believe how cheap they were!

So this is my Jan sale Haul! I was thinking of doing various outfit ideas and inspirations for each piece, what do you think? If you want to see this then let me know! Also comment if there is something in particular you want to see me style!

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  1. Love the Topshop floral dress it's so pretty. You have bought so many beautiful things. I'm really struggling to find clothes that I like lately.



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