Tuesday, 29 January 2013

It's all over now baby blue

I am obsessed with my new Blue Suede Jacket! I saw it in H&M months ago, but £29.99 seem steep for a cheap sod like me, considering it's colour I thought wouldn't get much wear out of it. However! A checky late night shop in H&M last week, I found it for a tenner!!

Annoyingly though, I've had to buy a size 16. I am a size 10/12 the size 12 was more like a size 8 and the 14 was a small 10 -I wouldn't of been able to wear anything underneath it, but a thin t-shirt. So size 16 it was. I find this a lot with H&M, their sizing is ridiculous sometimes, for example I brought a pair of burgundy waxed jeans a while back, trying them on I had to buy a size 12 (my normal size) but the same pair of trousers in black, I couldn't get the size 12 above my calf! I've spoken to friends and they have experienced the same issues. There is obvious something wrong in the factory process. Come on H&M! 

Though I only brought this jacket last Thursday and have worn 4 times already. so it's definitely getting the wear out of it that I didn't think it would. Infact if I am totally honest, I have been planning every outfit around it since buying it! haha! I love the 'leather jacket' shape and style it has, which makes it so easy to wear.

I'm also wearing my fake jeffery cambell coltrane boots (read here), that never seem to leave my feet. Plus my faux fur scarf (also h&m) and my beanie hat which I've owned since I was approx 12 years old; that too seem to be apart of my outfit everyday since the latest burst of cold weather.

I'm going to be doing a huge blog sale this weekend. Need to raise some funds to buy a 'sensible' car plus i feeling the need for a wardrobe revamp. I have so many clothes that just don't get worn so...........

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. Love this outfit it's gorgeous! Your blog is really good too defiantly following :) xx


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