Friday, 18 January 2013

Want some Pumpkin in that Soup?

Hey everyone!
I just wanted to share with you the wonders that is Pumpkin Soup. A independent online store specialising in DIY, Vintage and retro clothing, jewellery, and accessories. I came across the online boutique, through the owner Tori's personal blog. They have an amazing selection of over-sized boyfriend jumpers, grunge-boy shirts and 'granny' skirts.

Photo's taken from the Pumpkin Soup Dec 12 Lookbook.


Don't they seem perfect for this current weather! 

Snapshot of the Pumpkin Soup website:

I can't get enough of oversized clothing right now, they just add an edge to any outfit, plus being so big they are perfect for wrapping around yourself to warm and cosy! (sorry I keep going on about the weather! but's crazy right now!) The fashion world is having a 90's rival right now too, so getting anything 2 sizes to big, vintage and in a 'ugly' print, will instantly update your wardrobe to be on trend.

Taking a pick of Pumpkin Soup website, I have put this look together from some of my favourite pieces.
Of course this outfit would not be complete without a pair of ripped tights and distressed Doc Martens. I'll add a faux scarf too for extra warmth, and maybe even some knee high socks.

Pumpkin Soup ship internationally so there is no one that can miss out on this little online gem. Find them at also facebook Pumpkin Soup Boutique and twitter @Pumpkinsoupshop.

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