Wednesday, 18 January 2012

it feels like i have been away for ages; but really it's been less than a week. saying that though; it mean i have lots of daily outfit photo's to post amoungst over things. so i hope your sitting comfortably :)

thursday the 12th JAN -  my brat brother's 21st
my brother isn't a brat. at least not anymore. we get on like a house on fire and for his 21st i wanted to get him something special. He's extremely fashion conicious; and takes a great pride in his appearance. He has, wanted a tweed jacket for months, since i beleive he saw David Beckham wearing one. there is a hunting shopping in the next town that he was cocenplating on visiting and having one tailor made. but it would have costed easily over £200 so the idea had gone to the back of his head; more of a 'last resort' solution to his tweed dilema.

i found the perfect jacket, in none other than the great Ebay! i checked the sizing, condition, colouring, everything it was just god damn perfect. And what made it an even better find, was it had 2 days left on auction, no one had yet to bid and the stating price was £6.99!!! it was mine! After an intense bidding war, got the jaket for £10.90! haha amazing! and just £4 p&p. i brought the jacket, all present issues sorted nothing to worry about i could chilax and enjoy a family christmas. it was day before christmas that i made the payment, and it was posted the following week, on the 27th. it turned up 11th Jan. the fool i had brought it from had not put any postage on it! i had to pay fiver to collect it from the post office and when i picked it up it, the packaging was so badly torn i was amazed the jacket was still there! neither to sa, when i got back to work i sent an angry email to the chap i brought it from threatened him with negitive feedback and he actually refunded me £6 straight away. next day my brother got his jacket and fell deep in love.

as vain as my brother is, he wouldn't let me photograph him wearing his new love; so here is what i wore that day - leopard print item; a grey leopard print scarf. A christmas present from 3 years ago.

it was half 8 when i took this photo (a self timmer, and camera rested on my car) which is why it looked so dark.

on the friday we went for a surprise birthday meal, for my brother. We went to the Hoggit and Hoff which is a steak house in town, part owned by the local butcher. The food is imense, i felt my whole body melt into each bite of the 10oz rump steak, it was absolutely to die for. in the restruant was a man propping up the bar with acoustic guitar and playing covers of The Doors, Dire Straights, Rolling Stones and more. it was truely i lovely evening we all got drunk me, the bf, my brother and his girl, my ma, nan and grandad. Even the waiter had a good time as every time he walked to the table my Mother and nan flirted amensely with him.

i wore a leopard print dress that i picked up in a charity shop for a fiver, but it is orginally H&M. A turtle neck jumper, worn over the top tucked into a chunky waisted belt which gives the illusion i'm wearing a skirt. And no outfit is complete without some black velvet platform wedges, New Look of course ;)

Saturday, i was very surprisingly not hung over. Must of had something to do with not waking up till gone 11 o'clock. My beautiful boyfreind wanted to go ice skating; i was up for it but had never been before. Never been before i was completely unprepared, i had no idea what to expect and dressed accordingly.

high waited jeans (new look) black knit jumper (h&m mens) leopard print head band/scarf and staple converse. getting the to ice rink, and it possibly being the coldest place in the world, i added thick black gloves, denim jacket and knee high socks (yes there were over my jeans, but i didnt have pulled up, just worn as normal socks). i dont mean to bost but i was a complete natural. after a couple of steps on the ice i was wizzing around like the rest of them.

After a while, as always my mind turned to what people were wearing around me. Many and the majority, like me didnt give a shit it was cold i wanted to be warm, and wore the thickest items of all their clothes.but saying this, a few had truely given their ice skating look a lot of attention. one girl that caught my eye was wearing a vintage cream blouse, high waisted demin shorts, patterned tights covered in big black hearts and then some knee high socks that were pulled up to her knees. At first glance i was like WTF, but after seeing her wizz round a few times, i was like why the fuck not! if she fell over, her tights would be ruined and she'd have ice burns down the back of legs but hell she looked good. she was with a small group of people, back in my day we would have called them mini moshers, but i think the termology now is hipster or scene kid. i drew a picture anyway

it got me thinking anyway, i think will start taking some street style photo's. i'm sure people wouldn't mind if i was some big magazine, so surely they would be cool with posing my my small blog.

Sunday, was typically sunday. friday's hangover had caught up with a over powering senation to sleep all day. i' spent the night at chris's and forgot to pack anything leopard print, so i only had my leopard print scarf with me that i was previously ice skating. When the bf went back to to work Sunday eve, i got in my car and ventured to Reading the nearest cinema that is showing The Artist. it was an amazing film and really recommend everyone to go see it (i will blog more in another post).

Monday, pfft back in the office. A day when i can never really be bothered to do anything. and the simpleness of my clothes that day resemble that.

boyfriend fit, leopard print cardigan (F&F at tesco), black knitted dress (also F&F) and platform mary Janes, (New Look) again.
And yesterday, i was still in a monday mood. and wore these leopard print coin earings

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