Tuesday, 24 January 2012

hole in my pocket still

it is pay day tomorrow!! i do not think i have ever been more greatful it then today! as i have ranted in previous posts i am poor, poor, poor! from midnight tonight i will offically have funds, and i cant think of anything better than to celebrate with a midnight internet shopping spree :D

yes dump idea, and thats what got me into the poor situation i'm in, but i just cant help myself! i have definately decided however that tomorrow lunch time i will be making way to River Island. their new SS range has hit stores and online and i just cant choose from them all! i particularly love the matching sets of afican aztec tops/ skirts/ shorts/ trousers thats avaliable.

red tassel bube tube £14.00, red tassel skirt £16.00 yellow/green aztex vest £16.00, yellow/green aztek shorts £14.00

i've made a fake shopping baset (add everything i love to buy to my shopping basket) it's currently at £144.00 and 6 items! i need to do some editing, no way can i afford to buy all that!

the thing i most fallen for is this ugly, blue bomber jaket at £40. it's a love child of M.I.A an Jimmy Saville

 Also today, i recieved the new H&M catalogue. 'Season Favourites' it's called. but just like the online store it's so boring i've chucked it straight in the bin. Full of basics and nothing much else.


I forgot so easily where i am with photo's the weekend completely throws me off i need to start up loadings photo's daily. Also i deeply appolgise for my camera, it is so shite everything looks yellow and is out of focus. time to buy a new one? here's my photo diary for the last 7 days.

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