Tuesday, 31 January 2012


So i finally cracked and had a small shopping spree. Saturday and today. to be fair i haven't brought that much, but when trying to save for a deposit for a mortage; i could have probably done without.

Saturday - primark
i amm sure primark is satan of the high street. only ever once in a very azure blue moon can walk in and not spend over £70. fortunately i had one of those days and brought just two items. A pinestripe blouse which i wore to work today getting lots of compliments. and secondly i Amy Winehouse and mark ronson t-shirt. it is mens but brought it a small fits good. i always like men's clothes on women; we just look good in them. Bin all this 'boyfriend cardi' and 'boyfriend jeans' get the real thing and buy your boyfriends clothes! much better!

 oh and i lie. i did buy this amazing tights too! cant wait to wear them this weekend.

today was another small hit on my debit card too, i've wanted to get a pair of flat slip boots for months and haven't been able to find a pair i liked anywhere. im really fusy with boots; which is why the only 3 pairs i own already are all doc martens. but luck would have it; i walked it to matan today and found these for £22! also in black; but im still obessed with brown shoes at the moment.

and lastly, late last thursday night i was internet shopping on my iphone and found these bad boys in New Look. High waisted tartan jeggings. my heart was in heaven; and they are even more perfect in the flesh. These are now my new favourite in my wardrobe.

unitl tomorrow!

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