Sunday, 8 January 2012

take 2!

i'm starting again. some of you may remember that a couple of months ago i started my seond clothes challenge; which was to wear something leopard print everyday. my camera broke (when i say broke i actaully mean ran out of battery) so i couldn't photograph anything and there for the challenge came to a hault. so starting again; here's take two.

challenge is to wear something leopard print everyday for a month. today is the 9th January, so my challenge finishes on the 9th February; this will be fun. i encourge you to join me in doing your own fashion challenge.

today's look

(excuse the face - this was taken before 7 am this morning) a gery leopard print blouse (NEW LOOK) worn with black high waisted skirt (H&M) and blck pantent loafers (F&F TESCO) just another day in the office.

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