Thursday, 19 January 2012

hole in my pocket

i have such an issue with money. i am generally completely skint right now; not the type of skint when you tell people your really skint but there's a couple coins in your purse and a fiver in your bank. i mean the type of poor when i actually generally have no funds at all. i am £23 over drawn and i don't even have a overdraft!

So the bank wouldn't charge me XXXX amount for being overdrawn i went to my savings account (which is low already) and paid some money into my account. I also took out a bit extra to cover me until i get paid next thursday. Not a lot £20, more than enough for essinstals but enough to buy food, emergency petrol if i need it. The second i walked out of the bank i headed straight to the new shopping centre in town to see what i could buy!
what is wrong with me? i do this every month, and the reason i am £23 overdrawn is because of this exact same reason! last week, while stalking the world of tumblr i found these amazing leggings. i'm not a leggings person, but these are just so f-ing cool i had to have, no questions asked.

yes i know i know there are truely amazing. i found them on the site they have a few really lush things, but the majority of it isn't to my taste. But anyways i found these and on the stite it said 'last few remaining' so i couldn't sit and dwell on weather to buy them or not. i had to just do ahead and do it.

the site is german and they arrived within a week which really impressed me. Also i got 2 stickers, i love this when you recieve free merch with purchases, it makes it feel so personal . in town i did try on a few bits in my favourite shop right now - New Look they have this ugly neon aztec print veset top which i fell in love with, and a mint green vintage lace crop top (couldnt fit more adjec tives in there if i tried!)
i though the 2 would look cool layered together, which they did. i wanted to buy the zest top and walked over to the till. they had obviously crashed and there was a new bird on the tills runnning around headless not knowing what to do. so i dumped the top on a rail of leopard print skirts and bailed.

i did however cross the road to HMV and brought Dum Dum girls duebt and Hunter S, Thompson's Fear and loathing in las vegas. ohh and some socks, girls gotta have socks. so from my £20 i had, i now have £4 to last me till next wednesday. and it can't come soon enough.

Now the biggest decision of my evening is what colour to dye my hair...

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