Tuesday, 10 January 2012

sorbet dream

i feel like it is summer after buying this month issue of Vogue on my lunch break. pastel brights, pretty pinks and sunshine yellows, doll make and birthday balloons!

this issue inludes 'Vogue Edit' magazine which if your like me and doesn't visit every fashion week is a perfect in site and summary of what was seen at Spring/Summer 2012 shows.
the imagery inside the 'edit' magzine are just as edible as the cover. my eye's struggled to focus with all the beautiful colours, textures, materials, styles and make -up. i was like a child in toy,sweet shop on the way to disneyland paris, eating a 99' flake and my favourite barbie doll by my side in my left hand.

the 90's grunge and minimualist rivial is set to stay for a little longer and what' great about fashion these days, what ever your style, image, inspiration, taste, you an take an 'on trend' look at suit it to your style. and with the current finacial situation and us all holding back on purchases, it's so muh easier these days to buy a new piece and suit it to what is already in your wardrobe. gone are days of buying a whole new outfit for one occasion (though we do still excuse ourselves that we must when there is an extra £20 in this month's pay cheque).

spolit for choice this season. my favourite collections are though:





I feel Alice Dehall was missing from the Emilio Pucci show, in any of these looks she would ove looked amazing with her bleached hair and olive skin.

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