Sunday, 14 October 2012

DIY - OMBRE HAIR (going blonde part #1)

What do you think then??!

Not bad for a box of home highlighter kit and couple of hours on a sunday morning. If you follow me on istagram you, you might of seen me post a picture of myself with blonde hair. Unfortunately it wasn't real I was just wearing my friends hair extensions :) However I got such a good response and people loving it (my brother even said I looked like Rita Ora!!!!!) I grew impatient and got the highlighter kit of the shelf.

I made a post a while ago about going blonde (see here) and was all geared up for doing. However, I decided after buying all the kit that I would get done professionally. I have made various atempts over the years to go blonde and it has ended up really patchy and shit; so i thought this time I'll go pro.

My plan is to get the 'ombre hair look' and slowly getting blonder and slowly getting lets roots. Having black hair already, I wanted to be sure I got the look right, so i googled 'ombre hair' for some inspiration and motivation before I got out the bleach.

The process was really easy. All i did was tie up sections of my hair and using the brush included in the kit literally painted the mixture on my hair. In the end I just used the BBlonde highlighter kit, the BBlonde powder bleach box is just the powder! Didn't realise until I opened it but you have to by the poroxide cream seperately!! WHY!!!! No other hair dye does this??! I was well pissed off, cause it meant I couldn't finish the job, but it is probably a good thing and gives my hair a break.

the kit comes with a mixing bowl and brush (which I am keeping for the next process). The brush makes it a lot easier to get an even spread of dye amongst the hair. I but the bleach on my hair starting at eye level then down to the ends. I had to leave it on for approx an hour and a half, it might seem dangerous to leave it on this long, but I know my hair well from all the dye over the years and it takes ages to take any colour and luckily is also very strong. Once washing this out I was going to follow the same steps again but just on the ends of my hair to get that 'dip dye' look. But running out of dye I'll leave it now to next weekend.


  1. Ahh, looks great! Really looking forward to seeing the next stage in your hair transformation!xx

  2. I think you should try few more times for more natural look.I thinking to try my self.


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