Sunday, 14 October 2012

October magazines

As always I have a stash of magazines to go through. I have been so busy this last month that I haven't read all of last months issues. But I aint moaning :) Today I'm just doing  quick review of 3 magazines, Elle UK, Company and InStyle.

I rarely buy Instyle magazine, it's only normally if someone interesting is on the cover. But this month Instyle comes with a free Benifit tint!!!!

 Depending on what your newsagent is selling you can get either the lip and cheek tint in 'benetint deluxe mini' , 'chachtint' or 'sun beam'. If thats not enough! as quoted on the bottom of this page from InStyle magazine, if you take this page to any benifit counter to also get a free 'badgal lash mascara'!!! AMAZING!

The cover star in this month's Instyle is new bond girl Naomie Harris, who was also in 28 days later and Pirates of the Caribbean. There is huge interview and photoshoot with her aswell as Chole Moretz who is in the UK to promote the DVD release of dark shadows.

There are also other really interesting articles, there's a great A-Z guide of high st beauty buys. 'A day at ASOS' which is all about how Asos has grown from a as seen on screen site to one of the biggest sites in the world. News about the new H&M collaboration with MMM (Maison Martin Margiela) and a 30 day diary of 'fashion/cultural' events happening through October.

And I love this purple inspired make up page and the barqoue style page.


Wooo hoo!! Company mag is my favourite! This month's cover is Britian and Ireland's top model winner Letitia! She wasn't my favourite at the start but she soon stole my heart and I'm glad she won!

My favourite things about Company is they always feature there readers, it's very personal. Also they give great career advice and DIY projects. This month they advertise that they are actually holding a 'fashion career event' on the 14th November which I really wanna go to. 

they also just have fun with fashion, taking their insprations from films and unusual characters.


This month Elle comes with another supplement this month 'what to buy to wear to work'.
 It's really good at showing you how you can wear the trends for workwear, and shows lots of pieces you can buy now.

I also really liked the article that took the trend 'leather' and showed you different ways on wearing at the office. 

The real magazines has an amazing shoot with Jessie J and her 'new look'.

They have called the issue the 'street style' issue; it features contributions from Susie Lau, and Poppy Delrvingne. It has been influenced by the world of blogs and 'what I wore' style imagery and is shown throughout. Right down to the style of photoshoots and article subjects.

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