Monday, 22 October 2012


I am taking photo's daily of my outfits to post, but it an almost impossible task. It is impossible for me to get a head to toe shot with good lighting and me not slouching/bent over to fit in the frame. I was meeting up with my best friends saturday night and wanted to show you guys what I was wearing. And this is the best shot I got! haha on the floor like a tramp - suits me perfect!

I wore my 'Cleopatra' earings that I brought for last halloween. They huge, gold, tacky and I love them!!

my dress is h&m, tights are giles decon for new look. I wore red velvet boots and my curella devile leopard print coat. It pissed down with rain took over an hour find somewhere eat and got chatted up by some chavs on the train home - everything that sums up a good night with the besties.

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