Wednesday, 10 October 2012


ARGHHH!!!! As you may know from my previous blog posts (check here and here!!) I am completely in love with the Kate Moss range of lipsticks at Rimmel. AND THERE IS A BRAND NEW RANGE!!!

I saw these adverts in my latest issue of ELLE magazine and made it a priority to find them in my next lunch break. My town has 1 boots and 2 superdrugs within a mile of each other, and I made it m mission to visit at least one before work at 9am. I visited the first superdrug and it appeared that I wasn't the only one in town to discover the new range. They had almost sold out and only had 3 colours left. I did a quick tester on my hand and brought shade no 107.

In my lunch break I visited boots and the other Superdrug store, but they told the same story. So I just brought the one for now.

The reason I love these lipstick soooo much is because they have a matte finish (i hate shinny/glittery lips) they last a good while and the colours are just perfect. The last range has 5 amazing colours that suits absolutely everyone - SERIOUSLY. Me and by best friend both have 3 of the same shades and we both have completely different skin tones; she is very pale and i'm olive skinned- and they look lush on both of us. The new range isn't so versatile, well not for me anyways. From the 3 shades that the whole of my town have only 1 suited me. But I love it!!!! Its a warm berry red perfect for the Autumn.

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