Thursday, 23 February 2012

Diamonds are a girls best friend

We do like a good celebration us brits! And this summer will be the party of parties. Not only is it Queen Elizabeth II Jubliee but we are also hosting the Olympic games.  Streets apon streets will be all singing and all dancing, decorated with jack flag bunting, tea cups and cup cakes :D

Today i receieved an email from cath kidston launching their Jubliee range and i am offically excited!!

 planning on buying the scarf and mug at least!

My local town is already planning big celebrtions. The biggest event is the ‘Picnic in the Park’  Live bands are to perform throughout the day and there will be an ‘It’s a Knockout’ competition, stalls and refreshments, including world food tasting and Giffords Circus comes to town with three shows scheduled for the Picnic in the Park. There will also big a screen showing the celebtrations all over the country!

 Super excited!! GOD SAVE THE QUEEN! (i am such a royalist you have no idea!!)

bottoms up!

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  1. I am so excited too! Yesterday we got a leaflet through the door from a woman in our road saying she's organising a street party. Woohoo!



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