Wednesday, 8 February 2012


good evening everyone!

i went on a slight make up splurge today. I mentioned yesterday that i was getting inspired by the beauty blogs i keep reading, and today i just couldn't help myself; so i ran in to town this lunch break to treat myself :)

i really wanted to get some make up from topshop, their products look good and they always recieve great write ups and reviews. It wasn't until i got to our local Topshop today that i discovered our Topshop doesnt sell the make up range! only nail polishes and i have enough of those, so i ran in to boots instead.

this is what i brought. Garnier dark eye roll on (in medium) £10.20; Rimmel match perfection compat powder (soft beige) £5.99; No 7 photo flawness skin primer £4.99; Collection 2000 extreme felt eye liner (purple) £2.99; Collection 2000 last colour nail polish (ice cube); Rimmel 60 seconds nail polish (pompous) £3.99; and from H&M i brought smokey eye pencil £2.99 and Eyeshadow pallet £5.99

i wanted to go to debenhams to completely splurge on some Benifit make up but i ran out of time and had to go bak to work. But to be fair i probably brought enough make up, and if i was in debenhams i would only be tempted to splash out and buy some MAC cosmetics too.

the whole reaso for all this is because i am bored of my current to to day look. Also i think it is good to change products now and then, so you don't get stuck in a routine and buy the same things all the time. Im really pleased with the Rimmel Foundation, it matches my skin olour exactly. testing it on my hand in the shop i thought there was some wrong! it was till tested a different shade that i realised, the reason i couldnt see it on my hand was because it was the exact colour! AMAZING! also i really excited about the primer. i had no idea this product existed until reading other blogs! i have olive skin so the area around my eyes is really dark and can make me look like a drug addict on bad days! but with this primer those days will be gone! haha i am like a 6 year old children playing with her mothers make up for the first time and stumbled across a whole new world!

These are the products i normally use day to day -

its pretty dull. Today i got ready for work in records time, 40 mins. And in that 40 mins, i washed/dried/styled my hair, put on a fae mask, got dressed for work, ate my breakfast, drunk 2 cups of tea and fixed my face.
the reason i could get ready so quik was because i turned into a robot in the mornings and everything is just on auto pilot. My make up takes 5-10 mins depending on how big the bags are under my eyes. i read on one blog (i cant remember which!) that the blogger takes up to an hour everyday to just do her make up. which got me thinking if i spend more time on it then i will naturally want to expiriment more.

So with my old products, this is my every day look

 excuse the lighting, my room is so shit for lighting i have to pluck my eyebrows at the boyfriends house because i just cant find the light at home. I'll post a photo tomorrow of my new face in my new make up!!

Also today, i brought 2 dresses from H&M, i haven't photographed them becuase they are both just plain bodycon dresses one black the other navy. they are going to be my new (what i like to call) 'petticoats' dresses to wear under other items to add layers to my look but also to keep me warm in these recent cold days. I also got a new jumper from New Look, i brought a cardigan in the sale last week but changed my mind about it. And because it was in the sale i could only exchange, so i got this cool neon aztec print jumper.

and lastly for today, my leopard print item was...... red leopard print earings!

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