Thursday, 9 February 2012

ASOS Flatform shoes wishlisit

L-R Verity mary jane polka dot flatform £30, Vezza knot flatform sandal £35, Viola ballet style flatform £35, Pink Monroe brogue flatform £75, Verity mar jane floral flatform £30, Hide & Seek metalic platfrom £85

If you do not want any of these shoes then there is something seriously wrong! i am seriously considering buying at least 3 pairs when i get paid in 2 weeks! they are all from ASOS and come in other colours and designs than i have pictured so be sure to check them out!

can you guess which three im wanting to buy??


  1. I love the dotty ones, red ones and the last ones! so cool x

  2. hahaha yes! they are my top three too!


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