Tuesday, 7 February 2012

just a quick post tonight ladies and guys. i thought as it is coming to the end of my leopard print fashion challenge i would post photo's daily. hopefully this to will get me in the habbit to photograph daily looks  and get my LOOKBOOK running properly.
Today as pictured i wore a leopard print waist belt for work. i was orginally wearing it with my favourite black high waisted skirt but the zip broke just as i walking out the door! thank god it chose to go then! so i rushed back in and quickly switched for a tan pencil skirt (NEW LOOK).

i have been reading  lot of beauty blogs recently and it has got me inspired. im not normally a make up person. i mean i wear it everyday, and i love looking a photographs of make up especially really vibrant looks with lots if bright colour and glitter. But i generally dont wear these looks myself (unless a fancy party). if you have any beauty blogs to recomend please let  me know! i have olive skin and dark hair so would love to see a blog with a simular look, but i still love to see everyone elses!

so do you have a beauty blog to recomend?


  1. omg!amazing belt!
    love it

    what do u think if became one follower of each other?


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