Sunday, 5 February 2012


I have recently joined the world of IFB, and unpreditcably it has taken over my world! who said blogging was easy? not only do i have to keep this blog updated to keep all you folks interested, but i also have my tumblr to look out for. My blog lovin page, (of which i am lacking in follows so please add me!) i'm now down with kids on google connect; and now newly IFB. Plus there is facebook, twitter and not to mention the 2 other blogs i run! Independant Fahion Bloggers (IFB) is full off it's own groups, forums, messages, people, links, promos etc to keep up with. Everytime i'm blogging now i have 5 internet pages open so i keep myself updated everywhere!

but it has all its good uses, and one of them is a good dish of verbal contact, recomedations and word of mouths. I got a partiular word of mouth recomedation from one girl that messaged me on IFB and it was for a site called

It is a site that links with most online shops, and is basically a database for every item of clothing that is currently on sale, on the internet. i can visit topshop and scroll through their pages and when i find something i like i click the 'fashiolista heart button' on my dash (visit the fashiolisa website to download the button) and then this links it to fashionlista for the world to find!

Or opisitly i could be on seraching on fashiolista, fall in love with a pair of shoes; and fashiolista sends me straight to the site they are from; plus also giving me recomendations what else i might like.

truely amazing why haven't i heard about this before! As with most things these days, you also have a profile page that you can manage, add friends etc

add me as i no friends right now :( my name is -  anoinettevintage

and as i breifly said, i am now of IFB so check me out there too! IFB
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