Sunday, 5 February 2012


I have recently joined the world of IFB, and unpreditcably it has taken over my world! who said blogging was easy? not only do i have to keep this blog updated to keep all you folks interested, but i also have my tumblr to look out for. My blog lovin page, (of which i am lacking in follows so please add me!) i'm now down with kids on google connect; and now newly IFB. Plus there is facebook, twitter and not to mention the 2 other blogs i run! Independant Fahion Bloggers (IFB) is full off it's own groups, forums, messages, people, links, promos etc to keep up with. Everytime i'm blogging now i have 5 internet pages open so i keep myself updated everywhere!

but it has all its good uses, and one of them is a good dish of verbal contact, recomedations and word of mouths. I got a partiular word of mouth recomedation from one girl that messaged me on IFB and it was for a site called

It is a site that links with most online shops, and is basically a database for every item of clothing that is currently on sale, on the internet. i can visit topshop and scroll through their pages and when i find something i like i click the 'fashiolista heart button' on my dash (visit the fashiolisa website to download the button) and then this links it to fashionlista for the world to find!

Or opisitly i could be on seraching on fashiolista, fall in love with a pair of shoes; and fashiolista sends me straight to the site they are from; plus also giving me recomendations what else i might like.

truely amazing why haven't i heard about this before! As with most things these days, you also have a profile page that you can manage, add friends etc

add me as i no friends right now :( my name is -  anoinettevintage

and as i breifly said, i am now of IFB so check me out there too! IFB


  1. it's such a cool idea! i have way too many wishlists on so many different sites

    chlo @chlowitty blogs

  2. Hey there,
    I'm on fahsiolista too. I love the whole idea of it and the concept but the problem is that there are lots of girls on fashiolista who spam the comment boxes and wanting you to follow their blogs even if these blogs are not really good. I'm not trying to be mean to anyone but the problem with that is if you want people to follow you and you do have a good list and a nice blog no one will notice because there are 100 other girls who want someone to follow them.
    It's fun to play around with but to get a real opinion on your style is pretty hopeless...
    xx Fiafafia

  3. ooo i'll have to check this out! :)

  4. I'm on fashiolista too but couldnt find you! Why dont you add their widget to your blog? Ive done it to mine. Check it out.

  5. there is a widget?! i did not know this, doing it now!!!

  6. Definitely, blogging isn't easy. At first, having all those websites and networking sites was quite overwhelming for me, but now I'm surprised to see that I can manage them all :D

    Sara from Diary of a Modern-Day-Lady


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