Friday, 24 February 2012


So a couple of i posts ago i mentioned that was writing a freelance piece for a magazine. The magazine is question is Glitterball Magazine. It is a online publication that is made, edited, photographed, created, founded and writting by my sister Michelle :D

i was actually the cover girl for the last issue and i splashed the online pages inside the magazine for a cleopatra inspired shoot.

see me on the cover! (ignore the bags under my eyes, please!) the magazine is all about fashion, beauty and travel; you can read it online HERE! it also features articles on music, art, interviews, and everyone's favourite horroscopes!

i really urge you go and have a sneak over and read this great magazine!

the links are -

Tomorrow i am off to visit my girl Michelle in Newcastle!! i've never been so im really excited, im currently multitasking writing this post, packing and bag and chatting on email to michelle trying to work out what i need to pack! I am also sick so im trying to nurse myself as much as possible for tomorrow! early start i got to get 7.10 train to arrive at 2. We have another photoshoot to fit, as well as shopping, eating, gossiping and everything else two girls get up to in the city!

Anyone else been to Newcastle? recommend me places to visit, shop and site see!
and have a good weekend!

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