Monday, 13 February 2012

get set for summer

Trolling through magazines after magzines, internet shopping, travel planning and surprise snow. i can not wait for summer! Already i have a wish list of clothes im wanting to buy next payday and i havent even booked a holiday yet!

that hasn't stopped me planning though! this year i want to go on holiday with two different groups of friends and of course my boyfriend. Where we are going to go? im not sure, my grandparents live in Malta so it is always a cheap, sun garauntee holiday to stay with them for a week. Also one of my freinds parents live on a Yacht, and 2 years ago we stayed with them for a week in southern Spain, so that is an option too. Where ever it is i do end up going i've got my summer look sorted, inpsired my Ellen Von Unwerth's photography for River Islands SS campaign im gunna be wearing the crop tea/ bralet and pencil skirt combo. the look has been scene everywhere but it's the colours in the River Island campaign that has got me excited for summer!

im bored of wearing fur coats, over sized scarfs and thick coloured tights. Bring on the summer!!

anyone else made plans for summer yet?

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  1. super cute vintage blog!!!
    just love it !
    following you at GFC and bloglovin!!!

    Fill the city


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