Monday, 27 February 2012

So i am back from Newcastle. 5 hours, broken back, sour eyes, and a very powerded nose later i am back :)
i actually returned last night, around half 10 though sitting on a train doesn't use much engery it is damn tiring. So i went straight to bed and left it till this evening to write up about my trip.

Newcastle is cool. I was slightly nervous on the way being a southern fairy; at doncaster a women got on train sat across the elise from me and made a phone call. I listened in, but not rudely becuase i could not understand a word she said. She spoke so fast and her accent was so strong, i did begin to worry if i would be able to understand anyone and would i myself stick out like a saw thumb with my monotone accent? haha but it was fine, i understood everyone and they understood me (or so i think!).
We went shopping in Newcastle centre, i was concious that i had no space in my bag it fit more clothes, and i didnt want to turn into a bucaroo donkey, so the only things i brought was a ring and 2012 diary.

 ring (on my 'ring' finger) £6 from river island and the diary was half price £4.50 at paperchase. i always wait to buy diarys until we are into the new year, you get them so much cheaper then.

While shopping i noticed there was a lots different styles wondering the streets of Newcastle. Bright red dyed hair and shorts with tights were definately the dominate looks in the city. Though we did spot a girl in primark who was perfect 'Snog, Married, Avoid' material. Just shopping she was wearing pink flash eye lashses, stelitto heels, bleached hair, orange skin and black hands. She was in her element and though her style wasnt my taste i admired her confidence and dedication to her image. There was also supposedly a vintage fair being held at the Newcastle Uni. Michelle and I went, but couldn't find it anywhere! Aimlessly we walked around trying to find it, but failed mesribly! so we went back to Michelle's house for gossip, wine, lots of junk food, magaiznes and dress up.

These are pictures for the rest of the weekend. my favourite is me in the pink wig found in a corner of Michelle's room :)

This was my 'enterianment' pacakge for the train. I started and read all of them accross the weekend.
 I also got my christmas presents from Michelle. We both collect stuff over the year to give each other so when we give them it becomes a cool little package :) this is what i got from the lovely Michelle.

So for my lack of spending over the weekend, i made up for it today in my lunch break :) I visited, Topshop, Boots, H&M, New Look, River Island and paperchase! I'm so excited for summer and really wanted to get some summer pieces, i also needed a new skirt for work because i broke the zip on my last one a couple of weeks ago.
This is what a brought -
black high waisted skirt and baseball t-shirt bith H&M

Black tube skirt from River Island
pink crop top also from river island

 turqoise crop top from New Look.

I needed new eyeliner too, so i thought i would try the new gel liner that is everywhere, and brought this Maybeline lasting drama gel eye liner.

It comes with a brush and is really easy to create and accurate line or a smokey edge.
I tested it on my eyes this evening. I switched the photo's to black and white beacuse the lighting is bad in my bedroom and it shows the make up better.


  1. Ooh that gel liner looks really great! I think I'll have to try some of that too.

    The River Island crop top looks amazing on you too.


  2. Hey! Thanks for following my blog, am loving yours AND the fact that you went to my home town of Newcastle... although not that you spotted the pure awful taste there and couldn't find the vintage fair! Wonder what that was all about....

    I recently bought the l'Oréal gel eyeliner and it's waaay smudgy - is the Maybelline one any better!? Looks like you're a fan anyway :)

    Rena xxx

    1. the maybeline is working for me! wearing today for the second and it does last all day. the colour does fade a little though so if i was to go out in the evening i would top it up again, but to be fair i would do that with all my make up :)

      cheers for following beaut!


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